Federal Union of Students Tilburg (F.U.S.T.) has identified several core values that they consider important for an ideal Tilburg:

Accessibility: We aim for a well-connected city for students, including good public transportation options and accessibility for people with disabilities. We also advocate for an inclusive atmosphere for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Personal Development: We want students to be able to flourish in Tilburg, including access to cultural institutions and financial support during times of crisis.

Community Engagement: It’s essential for students to be part of the community and participate in local activities to establish a social support network.

Safety: We emphasize the importance of safety in residential areas, nightlife, and student associations. We propose making counselors available and raising awareness about safety issues during nightlife. Traffic safety is also a concern.

Freedom: Students should have the freedom to live where they choose and pursue their education at their own pace, without facing disproportionate financial disadvantages during times of crisis.

Involvement: We want the municipality to educate students about their rights and responsibilities, and policies should be written inclusively and communicated in a language understandable to all union members.

Respect: We stress the significance of treating students with respect, both as a group and as individuals.

In summary, F.U.S.T. strives for an inclusive, supportive, and respectful environment for students in Tilburg, where they can grow and actively engage with the local community.